Visit to Chelsea Football Club

Year 8 visited Chelsea Football Club today for a careers in football workshop and stadium tour. This was the completion of a PSHE project run in conjunction with Chelsea Football Club since September. The pupils explored the array of departments both football and operational as well as the specific job roles available within a football club. They also heard [...]

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Spring term

Key Dates Ongoing - Year 7 admissions for September 2024 12th-16th February - Half term 22nd March - End of Spring term This weekTeachers will begin informing and preparing students about the February assessments. Students should be thinking ahead and revising alongside their homework tasks.Year 8 trip with Mr Deller – detailsThis is part of a year [...]

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End of Autumn term

Key Dates Ongoing - Year 7 admissions for September 2024 12th-16th February - Half term 22nd March - End of Spring term Mini magazine Students had a busy second half of the Autumn term. Please see the mini magazine linked below which includes samples of student work and details of assemblies across the term. Mini magazine  [...]

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Start of Spring Term – January 2021

Arrangements for the start of Spring Term 2021 are as follows: We will begin online teaching for all students from 6th January (via Google Classroom). Week of 11th-15th January: Years 11 and 13 ONLY will attend school. Other year groups will continue to work from home (via Google Classroom). Lateral Flow Testing will begin on 11th January. 18th [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 27 Oct 2019

Key Dates 12th October - Year 7 admissions day for 2020 entry 14th-18th October - Assessment week 21st - 25th October - Half term 8th Nov - Remembrance event 2nd - 6th Dec - Exam week 11th Dec - parents evening for yrs 11-13 New student parents evening 25th Sept Our parent’s evening for new students [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 15 Feb 2019

Handball competition Students in years 7&8 completed their half term PE sessions by taking part in a handball tournament. Students competed in their teams of Cook, Radcliff, Hoy and Redgrave and each team was run by a sixth form team manager. We are particularly grateful to Sak, Yusuf, Diam, and Yahya from the sixth form who played an [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 8 Feb 2019

Homework diary All students in years 7-11 at Bales College have a homework diary. This should be used to help them organise their work for the week and as a means of communication between school and home. Students have written their timetable and their homework timetable in their diary so they know which equipment to bring each day. [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 31 Jan 2019

Holocaust memorial Assembly Sunday 27th January was International Holocaust Remembrance Day where nations across the world remember the terrible events which took place in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. It commemorates the genocide that resulted in the death of an estimated 6 million Jews, 8.7 million Slavs, 1.8 million ethnic Poles, 220,000 Romani people, 250,000 mentally [...]

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