Why study Art & Design?

Art & Design can be successfully combined with and complements many subjects, providing a creative balance in your curriculum alongside other areas of study. An A level in Art can lead on to careers such as a painter, graphic designer, architect, photographer or fashion designer.

What will you study?

Art and Design at Bales College will expose students to a broad range of material processes and techniques that will facilitate them in achieving in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills in art and design that will allow them to progress on to foundation and degree level study within this area.

Component one is worth 60% of the total qualification. This is where students will be encouraged to experiment with a wide range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and digital Art to build up a dynamic and personal portfolio. They will complete a body of work comprising of research, supporting studies, practical work and final outcomes that will be based on themes and ideas developed from personal starting points. As part of this Unit candidates will also complete a personal study, which will be a separate written document of at least 1000 words which will make up 12% of this component. This essay will be thematically linked and designed to contextualise the practical work the candidate completes within their personal portfolio.

Component two is the Externally Set Assignment worth 40% of the qualification and will be completed from February onwards In Students final year of study. Students will use the technical skill and visual analysis that they have developed through the completion of their portfolio to respond individually to the theme that has been set for their examination. This component requires students to generate and develop ideas, research primary and contextual sources, record practical and written observations and refine ideas towards producing a personal resolved outcome in response to the externally set theme. The culmination of this component is the 15 hour period of sustained focus, that is completed under exam conditions and will be a response to the preparatory work the student has completed in response to the externally set theme and will be worth 25% of component two.

How will you study?

Practical artwork forms the major focus of the course, along with the written element of the Personal Study. Much of this work is based in the art studio, however engagement in the wider curriculum will also demand active research, gallery visits and a general appreciation of the art and design field.

Potential degree courses

Architecture, Interior Design, Surface Design, Fashion, Textiles, Photography, Film, Video & Television, Animation, Product design, Fine Art.

Specification details – Edexcel 9AD0