Why study Business?

Business plays a critical role in all aspects of society, and an understanding of this subject will provide you with knowledge applicable to most careers. If would like to study business, finance or management at university, A-level Business provides an excellent foundation. The skills you learn are also transferable across a broad range of subjects and careers. Whatever you choose to do in the future, you will find that the things you learn in this course will help. For example, you will probably work with a variety of different people, so knowledge of motivational theory will help you to work well with others and help them achieve their potential. You might have ambitious plans to start your own business. If that is the case, you will find the marketing and finance topics particularly useful.

What will you study?

This A-level Business course introduces you to all you need to know about working in business, providing a solid foundation for further study. With a focus on helping you to become a good decision maker, you will learn essential managerial skills, alongside techniques to help you become an analytical problem solver. These skills are all highly sought after and valued in a wide range of careers.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Plans
  • Financial Ratios & Government Policy
  • Impacts of External Factors on Businesses
  • Economies & Diseconomies of Scale

The Business Studies course helps you to develop a number of skills:

  • How to assemble data and assess it
  • How to analyse companies’ strategies and tactics
  • Problem solving skills in relation to companies performance and strategy
  • Knowledge of business models and the business environment

How will you study?

You will be encouraged to develop an enquiring mind through discussions in class, analysing critical aspects of the business world. Trips to visit local enterprises also add practical insight to the curriculum. Here, students are able to experiences for themselves all aspects of business in operation. The course will encourage you to be more confident and capable of critical thinking.

Potential degree courses

Accountancy, business administration, business economics, business management, finance, international business.

Text Books

AQA A level Business – Malcolm Surridge , Andrew Gillespie (Hodder)

Secondary Sources and Background Reading

Business Review, Financial Times, Business Dictionary

Specification details – AQA 7132