Ofsted and ISI Inspections

Below is a selection of comments from our latest Ofsted report from September 2016, available from the link below the quotes, which was very positive.

In September 2016 we were inducted into the Independent Schools Association which means the school will now be inspected by the ISI – the Independent Schools Inspectorate. We had to pass an independent inspection by the ISA, the Ofsted check in September, and pass a membership committee to become a member of the ISA so this is an extremely rigorous process. We believe this shows the excellent performance at Bales.

We were a founding member of CIFE – the Conference for Independent Further Education – which is a Sixth Form organisation.

Ofsted September 2016 Comments:

“Schemes of work are detailed and there is a good focus on developing pupil’s skills across a range of subjects.”

“There is evidence of promotion of pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”

“Pupil’s individual achievement targets are set and their progress is assessed regularly. Pupils’ progress is shared with parents every half term and at parents’ evenings.”

“The pupils the inspector met said that teaching is good and that they enjoy their learning across the different subjects.”

“The training for staff to keep pupils safe is regular and leaders are committed to keeping them up to date throughout the year.”

“Leaders demonstrate good skills, knowledge and understanding appropriate to their roles to ensure that all the independent school standards are met consistently. Leaders are committed to pupils making good progress and ensuring their safety and well-being.”

“Pupils the inspector met said that the college is a safe environment and that they are well looked after by staff. One pupil said the college ‘felt like a family’.”

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