Sports for Years 7-11

Despite being in very central London, we have excellent access to high class sports facilities.

We are walking distance from major local sports centres such as Moberly (about 500 metres walk away), and Jubilee sports centre. Both are undergoing extensive redevelopment, the Moberly first which is a £20 million development and will provide incredible facilities for sports. This includes full gym, 2 pools, 2 indoor basketball courts and 8 badminton courts. Years 7-9 have 3.5 hours of sport at Moberly per week including swimming, football, basketball/netball, and badminton.

We also have walking access to the sports pitches at either Queens Park Public Open Space for football and basketball, or Emslie Horimon’s recreation ground (see photos below).

From September 2020, we will have a state of the art, 450-capacity school built on the existing site and neighbouring site which we have acquired recently.

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