Student Tier 4 Visa

Bales College is licensed by the Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration, to enrol non-EEA students on school academic courses. A visa is required for study leading to GCSE, and a new or separate visa for study leading to A level. The maximum length for the GCSE visa is five years, and for A level it’s two years.

We have chosen to limit the number of places here on Tier 4 visa, and preference is given to students coming from an English-speaking country or previous school, such as a British international school.

Students in each year group are taught alongside each other. We have additional individual tuition on offer should this be needed to help improve and increase educational progress. We provide general secondary education and are not a school of English. However, we successfully integrate students into academic and social life at the College and can bring English levels right up to a very good standard as required for success in GCSE and A level examinations.

For a child visa, with the student aged up to 17 years at the time the visa is applied for, we can accept students who are living overseas or who are already in the UK on an existing Tier 4 visa and will transfer to Bales. This transfer could, for example, be made at the end of the student’s GCSE course in an independent school.

After enrolment, we issue a CAS.

For age 18, we can issue a CAS for a Tier 4 general visa. We do this for a student already in the UK and who is transferring from an independent school to Bales for A levels.

The initial approach from overseas or by the parent or relative/friend in the UK should attach the most recent school report, a report on the current level of English or an examination result such as for an IELTS test, and a copy of the name page in the student’s passport.

Please telephone us for any query on this subject; our school number is 020 8960 5899

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