Tier 4 Visa

Please note there have been some important, positive changes in the UK Tier 4 visa process recently, which come into force from July 2018.

Students from certain countries “will not be required to provide evidence of finances, qualifications or their English language ability as part of their visa applications, although students must still meet the requirements”.

These countries include Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, and USA.

As above, the conditions must still be met, but the documentation is sometimes very challenging to get and can lead to rejection of the visa application if incorrectly provided. Please contact us for more information.

We can offer Tier 4 Visas to students aged 15-19 studying towards GCSE examinations or A Level examinations. The maximum length of each will be 2 years, although GCSE students continuing to A Levels can get a 2 year extension.


For a child visa, with the student aged up to 17 years at the time the visa is applied for, we can accept students who are living overseas or who are already in the UK on an existing Tier 4 visa and will transfer to Bales. This transfer could, for example, be made at the end of the student’s GCSE course in an independent school.

After enrolment, we issue a CAS. The CAS is needed by the student to apply for a Tier 4 visa.

For age 18, we can issue a CAS for a Tier 4 general visa. We do this for a student already in the UK and who is transferring from an independent school to Bales for A levels.

Please telephone us for any query on this subject; our school number is +44 20 8960 5899