Programmes of study show how subject courses are organised and what is expected of the student.

Programmes of study for all subjects can be found under the GCSE Curriculum tab on the left hand side of the page.

Students are advised to read through carefully what is expected of them, so that they can organise their time appropriately.

The courses have been broken down into half termly six week blocks, but there may be some variation in actual teaching timings. Please note that dates for Easter vary considerably and the programme will work around that.

Public examinations begin in May for both GCSE and IGCSE courses.

Bales College offers all the courses as preparation for examinations with the Edexcel examination Board. Occasionally a different exam board is used so please check the specifications.

Students should expect Mock examinations, Controlled Assessments and Coursework as part of their programme of study.

The number of 45 minute lessons will vary from subject to subject and from level to level; as far as possible, the programmes contain a guide as to how much contact teaching time a student should expect.

Over and above that, students should expect to complete Assignments and Homework independently, according to the subject teacher’s direction.

Revision time is a major part of the courses, usually at the end of the preparation period. Students will be given past paper questions and practice during the course of their study.

Separate help will be given where students experience difficulties, although students should be aware that individual help will always be available from subject teachers.

Students can access the exam board websites for further information about specifications and past paper availability.