A Level subjects; boards; specifications

Depending on demand we may be able to teach more than the boards listed below. Please contact us for full details and to discuss your individual requirements. We are very flexible and can accommodate most requests for subjects and boards.

Subject Board Subject information / syllabus Programme of Study
Art and Design AQA Art and Design subject info Art and Design POS
Biology All Biology subject info Biology POS
Business Edexcel Business subject info Business POS
Chemistry All Chemistry subject info Chemistry POS
Computer Science AQA Computer science subject info Computer Science POS
Economics Edexcel Economics subject info Economics POS
English Literature Edexcel English Literature subject info English Literature POS
French Edexcel French subject info French POS
Geography Edexcel Geography subject info Geography POS
History Edexcel History subject info History POS
Government and Politics Edexcel Government and Politics subject info Government and Politics POS
Mathematics All Mathematics subject info Mathematics POS
Further Mathematics All Further Mathematics subject info Further Mathematics POS
Law OCR Law subject info Law POS
Sociology Edexcel Sociology subject info Sociology POS
Physics All Physics subject info Physics POS
Psychology Edexcel Psychology subject info Psychology POS