One Year A Level courses – join Year 13

Students can transfer to Bales to complete Year 13. Most transfers are due to needing a fresh start to push for the best possible examination results. Students transfer to us from State sixth form colleges, private colleges, or come from overseas.

We have been teaching one and two-year A Level courses for over 40 years. In that time, over 4,000 students have taken GCSE and A Level examinations with us.

Our ex-students now included politicians, diplomats, BBC news reporters, as well as top professionals in the medical and business world.

What type of students join Bales College

We accept students of mixed abilities (with a minimum of 5 passes at GCSE), who we feel will add to the Sixth Form in certain ways. Some of our students have very strong academic backgrounds and performance, however we also look for rounded personalities and a mixed intake.

We look for students who exhibit the following characteristics – which we aim to develop further during their time at the College:

 interest in education and learning;
 passion in the subjects they are studying;
 mature approach to learning and interacting with staff and students;
 desire to contribute to the College and community in extra-curricular activities; and
 willingness to work hard towards goals

Regular Exam Practice

All A-Level subject teachers give regular class tests based on topics studied throughout the year. Formal mock exams are given in December and April to help with preparation for upcoming A Level examinations. This regular practice helps build confidence and focuses each student’s mind on using the information learned in a practical way.

UCAS Guidance

Each student receives personal help and careers guidance and is led through the full university application process from reviewing prospectuses and available courses to help with personal statements and advice on how to gain relevant experience.

Several staff members are Oxbridge educated and can offer valuable insights and assistance in making medical/veterinary applications.

Work Placement and Careers Advice

Throughout both Sixth Form years, students are helped both formally and informally by the teaching and support staff in applying for summer work placements and in general careers advice. With the working environment becoming ever more competitive for top graduate jobs, associated skills and work placements are very important in standing out from the crowd.

Parental contact

Parents will be provided with:

  • One formal parents’ evening during the first term
  • At least two written reports during the year
  • At least one informal parents’ evening
  • Individual meeting arranged with one or more teachers for analysis and discussion of progress

Highly experienced staff

Students are taught by highly experienced teachers who are specialists in their field, many of whom have also worked as examiners for GCSE and Advanced level. Our staff also bring with them a variety of experience from work in other sectors, in addition to their longstanding careers in private and state education.

Find Out More about Bales Sixth Form College

The best way to get to know us is to call us to speak in person and arrange an informal visit to Bales Sixth Form College in London either at one of our open evenings or open days, or at a time of your choosing. Call 020 8960 5899 now to speak with us.

On a visit, you can meet with one of the leadership staff, teaching and support staff, as well as getting to see classes in action – all of which helps you to get a feel for what Bales Independent Sixth Form College has to offer.