Academic fees are as follows:

Years 7-9: £5,100 per term (£15,300 per academic year)

Years 10-11: £5,300 per term (£15,900 per academic year)

Years 12-13: £5,500 per term (£16,500 per academic year)

The academic fee for international students is £5,650 per term (£16,950 per academic year) for all year groups.

Academic scholarships may be available for outstanding academic performance, normally for 11+ and 13+ entry and based on entrance examinations.

Our full enrolment conditions can be found by clicking here

Enrolment:£200Payable upon acceptance of a place
Deposit:£500held until the end of the course of study
Tuition:£5,100 per termfor years 7, 8 and 9
£5,300 per termfor years 10 and 11
£5,500 per termfor years 12 and 13
Tuition fee for international students£5,650 per termFor all year groups
Science lab:£45per A Level science subject, per term
Examinations:£120per A level subject
£45per GCSE subject
Lunch:£935for one school year (compulsory in years 7 to 9 inclusive)
Uniform:£110for students in years 7 to 11
CAS fee£640For students requiring CAS VISA applications