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One and two year A Level Courses


Bales Sixth Form is an A Level specialist college. We offer first-time and retake courses. Students can:

  • Join us in year 12 for a full 2 year A Level course
  • Transfer into Year 13 from another school/sixth form to complete A Levels
  • Retake A Levels over 1 year
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We offer small-group teaching, individual tuition where needed, and highly qualified and experienced staff with outstanding track record.

We have regular testing for students throughout the year, and a focus on past paper preparation and exam technique in order to maximise A Level grades.

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We pride ourselves in being able to help any student no matter where they start. Click the button to see various examples of students from last year. Some joined us in the school, and moved to the Sixth Form.

Some moved to us to start a new A Level course in our Sixth Form (either 1 year, or 2 year). Some had very high academic records before the Sixth Form and went on to top universities with top A Level grades. Some came to us with mixed or weak academic backgrounds, but were able to get huge improvements in their grades after 1 or 2 years in the Sixth Form combined with hard work.

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Many of our staff have been with us for 5-10 years. There is a mix of newer teachers who bring a fresh dynamic to the teaching environment also.

We have an excellent track record of keeping outstanding staff. We do not use supply teachers. This creates consistency in teaching style, management, and gives us full confidence that our teaching is of the highest standard. We always encourage potential new students to come to Bales, meet subject teachers and meet our management staff.

Teacher profiles

Teaching and academic

Every subject has a detailed yearly plan for Year 12 and Year 13. The summary plan is around 2-4 pages per subject per year, while the full detail is up to 60 pages per subject per year!

We also use our new Learning Management System to monitor all attendance, homework, assessments and allows students to access old lessons, and upload homework; as well as allowing parents to see the current status of their child’s work!

The Durham University CEM system also allows us to monitor student’s starting point and progress, and create a unique learning programme for every student.

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We understand that choosing the place to study for your A Levels is a huge decision. Websites are only words which try to represent what we do. To best understand Bales and what we can offer you, call or email us to book a visit to see us.

You can meet with some or all of your subject teachers, take a tour of the Campus, see schemes of work for each A Level, and ask us anything you want.