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A Levels

Age 16+

Independent School & Sixth Form

Boys and Girls aged 11-18

Located in Kensal Rise, London W10


Pupils are proud of being part of the school and have a strong sense of loyalty to it.” – ISI


Member of the Independent Schools Association

Comments from the Independent Schools Inspectorate’s Educational Quality Inspection in March 2020:


“Pupils throughout the school have a positive attitude towards their learning and are keen to succeed.”

“Pupils embrace opportunities to contribute in lessons.”

“Pupils have good numeracy skills.”

“Pupils are confident communicators.”


“Bales was a great environment to get ready for university. I felt I had freedom, but mixed with lots of structure and support to make it through the courses and exams, and find my true interests”

Berk, History at Durham

“The learning environment at Bales College was ideal for me as it allowed me to be independent with my learning, at times, which has prepared me well for my studies at university.”

Jan, Physics at King College London

“Bales has been everything I could have hoped for when I joined in year 7. The dynamic approach to education at all ages/levels has aided both my academic and personal development and I am sad to leave”

Lena, Anthropology at Manchester

“My confidence was wrecked after my very poor year 12 results at my previous school. My subject teachers and Mr Yearsley worked really closely with me to start again, and build up my knowledge base and confidence, which allowed me to push for much higher marks and achieve 3 Bs, which at the start I never thought I could get to!”

Arjun, Joined year 13 and went from Three U's to Three B's
“You have been a calming influence on our daughter, she can get stressed as she targets A* in all of her subjects, she has set the bar high and I believe you have made it possible for her to attain her goals.”
Pravandeep, Parent
“I can happily say that I achieved a 1st Class Honours degree and have gained employment in one of the most prestigious engineering companies in the UK. This is all down to what I learnt in Bales.”
Maxim, Engineering

“I really appreciate all of your help this year and I do not think I would be in the position that I find myself in without that help.”

Anoushka, PPL at Warwick