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A Level Retakes

One year A Level retake courses

For students who have narrowly missed out on their required grades for University entry, a six month, January-start retake course may be the most appropriate option.

This gives you the option of combining a retake course with a gap year, in which you can combine work and/or travel with the additional studies needed to boost your grades by 1-2 per subject.

A six-month retake course needs careful consultation and preparation. We ask the student to visit each of their subject teachers in September or October (before starting in January) to go through the syllabus, their notes, look at past papers, and discuss the main areas of weakness. It is important to do this as early as possible while knowledge is fresh from the summer exams. We also like to identify any study-skill issues early, such as poor revision notes, poor exam technique, or bad time-management.

Students starting a January course should be very self-motivated to work hard and consistently during the time available. Spending at least 10 hours per month from September to December refreshing knowledge on the core topics is extremely useful, as well as some additional study over the Christmas and New Year period to help hit the ground running in January. This can include: revision of existing notes; answering topic tests under timed conditions; improving or adding to existing notes; making flash cards from notes; sitting full past papers.

The same process applies as for the one-year retake courses, and more information can be found on that page here: One Year A Level retakes.

For details on the subject, syllabus, boards, and programmes of study, please see the A Level subjects page.

One year retake courses
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