One year A Level Retakes – start Sept 2021

One year A Level retake courses

If you have missed out on your first choice university or course, an A Level retake course in our private London Sixth Form College will boost your grades and gain entry into your desired course/university.

With university being a significant investment of time and financial resources, and post-university careers becoming more competitive, it is now even more worthwhile for you to gain the grades you could have achieved first time around, rather than choose a less well regarded course or university.

We regularly see motivated students achieve a two-grade improvement in each subject – so you could jump from three Cs to three As in one year.

With the new A Level specifications applying to all A Level subjects now, retake courses are over the course of a full year, with examinations in June.

You will have a meeting with each subject teacher at the start of your course in September to go through the syllabus and your notes, look at past papers, and discuss the main areas where you can improve. It is important to do this as early as possible while knowledge is fresh from the summer exams.

You and one of the leadership team will also identify any study-skill issues early, such as poor revision notes, poor exam technique, or bad time-management.

Alongside regular class-work, additional tasks set by the personal tutors or class teachers will include: revision of existing notes; answering topic tests under timed conditions; improving or adding to existing notes; making flash cards from notes; sitting full past papers.