Two year gcse course – Year 10

Students can join us in year 10 for a two year GCSE course, leading to examinations at the end of the course.

Normally students take between eight and ten subjects over the two years of year 10 and year 11.

New students joining year 10 from another school will follow the same two year programme as students who are continuing from year 9 at Bales.

GCSE Subjects

English Language

English Literature


Biology (IGCSE)

Chemistry (IGCSE)

Physics (IGCSE)






Business Studies


* – subject to demand

Subject choices

Having sought advice from some of the UK’s top universities, we have tailored our curriculum to ensure that students sit the courses which put them in the best position when applying to university through the UCAS system at the beginning of Year 12.

The College abides by the so-called ‘English Baccalaureate’ by which we mean that we insist that students study both a humanities subject and a foreign language in addition to English, English Literature, Maths and all three sciences (three are mandatory in Year 10, but a student under consultation may drop down to two sciences in Year 11 depending on individual circumstance).

This combination allows a student to demonstrate an array of core skills and ensures they do not specialise too soon, keeping all doors open to them in future.

We offer a range of subjects at GCSE, which prepare students in the best possible way for A Levels and higher education/university.

Students wishing to progress to particular A Level subjects and university degrees will normally have to do the appropriate GCSE subjects. Mathematics, English and English Literature are normally compulsory.