Mohammed – Medicine at UCL

Mohammed joined Bales in Year 7 and always planned to become a doctor. After successfully gaining 8A* and 2 A grades at GCSE, he continued into the Sixth Form at Bales to study A levels in maths, further maths, chemistry and biology. He achieved outstanding A Level results, taking up a place at UCL to study medicine, fulfilling his dream.

He ensured good preparation for medical school by undertaking work experience with a local GP and attending the Royal Free hospital. Mohammed participated in a range of school events from drama presentations, to charity fund raising. He felt he benefited greatly from the support provided by our sixth-form team with interview practice in school, so that he was ready for the gruelling medical interviews. “I always enjoyed full support from my teachers“.

Berk – History at Durham

Berk joined Bales in year 10. He applied himself with determination and achieve very strong GCSE results of 3 A* and 7 A grades, subsequently moving into Bales Sixth Form.

He discovered a love of history during the A level course. After more excellent results at A level of A*, A and B he has gone on to read history at Durham University. From there he keeps in contact, writing:

“I am really enjoying Durham. To be honest, it exceeded my expectations so I am really happy about my choice. It is very busy – especially towards the essay deadlines- but all of my modules are really enjoyable. Bales was a great environment to get ready for university. I felt I had freedom, but mixed with lots of structure and support to make it through the courses and exams, and find my true interests.”

Jan – Physics at Kings

Jan joined Bales in year 13 from a school in South London, to complete A level courses in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry.

Jan came to Bales because he felt he needed to be challenged more, and had aspirations to achieve higher grades for A level. With hard work from him, combined with a well-planned and executed study programme from his teachers, he gained 4 A* grades.

He revelled in the close personal tuition at Bales and went on to read physics at King’s College London. Working closely with fellow students and his teachers, he has forged strong links, which he believes he will take forward. Jan is an all-rounder; he enjoyed his soccer and debating and visits to London venues.

He writes of his time at the school: “The learning environment at Bales College was ideal for me as it allowed me to be independent with my learning, at times, which has prepared me well for my studies at university. The small class sizes meant that the teaching, and as a result, my understanding of concepts, was as in-depth as possible. The teachers were always there to help us with our studies and anything else we might be concerned about. I was able to apply to some of the best universities with Mr Corcut helping me with my application. We were also able to go on a few outings for football and paintball which were quite fun and helped establish a friendly atmosphere among the kids in school which, I think, is integral for a student to pursue their academic interests with confidence. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bales and I will most certainly miss being there!”

Lena – anthropology at Manchester

Lena spent the whole of her secondary education at Bales, progressing from year 7 studies through GCSE and A level. In her GCSE exams she gained 2A*, 5A and 3 B grades. After gaining three B grades at A level in English, History and Geography she went on to Manchester university to read for a degree in anthropology.

During her time at Bales she was involved in all aspects of school life, from being student editor of the magazine to taking on a major role in a school production and taking part in a number of school trips, both abroad and in UK. Outside of school Lena was actively involved in social projects.

She recalls her time at Bales with affection and gratitude for the foundations it gave her:

“Bales has been everything I could have hoped for when I joined in year 7. The dynamic approach to education at all ages/levels has aided both my academic and personal development and I am sad to leave.”

Arjun – from two Us to Three Bs

Arjun joined Bales from a school in South London where he had scored disappointing grades of D, E, U, U at the end of year 12 in the first part of his A Level exams.

Through hard work, strong teaching and personal support he was able to gain three B grades at A level on leaving Bales. He went on to Leicester University to read Economics, which had always been his ambition.

Arjun appreciated the personal help he received and the extra tuition when not confident of a topic. He also enjoyed the social ambiance and friendly nature of other students, when going on trips or taking part in activities.

Arjun wrote:

“My confidence was wrecked after my very poor year 12 results at my previous school. My subject teachers and Mr Yearsley worked really closely with me to start again, and build up my knowledge base and confidence, which allowed me to push for much higher marks and achieve 3 Bs, which at the start I never thought I could get to! I’m so happy, and thankful for the time and effort that all my teachers and support staff gave me at Bales.”