Below you will find links to the Safeguarding policy, Low Level Concerns about Staff policy and RSE policy for 2023/24:

Safeguarding policy

Low level concerns about staff policy 

RSE policy

If you require any of the following School policies, please contact the school office or info@balescollege.co.uk:

Accessibility Plan 2023-24

Admission Policy 2023-24

Anti-Bullying Policy 2023-24

Behaviour Policy 2023-24

Complaints Procedure 2023-24

Curriculum Policy 2023-24

Data Protection Policy 2023-24

EAL Policy 2023-24

Equal Opportunities Policy 2023-24

Exclusion Policy 2023-24

Fire Safety Policy 2023-24

First Aid and Medication Policy 2023-24

Health and Safety Policy 20223-24

Homework Policy 2023-24

Risk Assessment Policy – 2023-24

Recruitment Policy July 2023-24

SEND policy 2023-24

The page and policies were updated in Sep 2023

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