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One and two year GCSE Courses

Bales Sixth Form is a GCSE and A Level college. We offer first-time and retake courses. Students can:

  • Join us in year 10 for a full 2 year GCSE course
  • Transfer into Year 11 from another school to complete GCSEs in one yea
  • Retake GCSEs over 1 year, either individually or combined with A Levels
Two year GCSE course

We offer small-group teaching, individual tuition where needed, and highly qualified and experienced staff with outstanding track record.

We have regular testing for students throughout the year, and a focus on past paper preparation and exam technique in order to maximise GCSE grades.


Teacher Profiles

Many of our staff have been with us for 5-10 years. There is a mix of newer teachers who bring a fresh dynamic to the teaching environment also.

We have an excellent track record of keeping outstanding staff. We do not use supply teachers. This creates consistency in teaching style, management, and gives us full confidence that our teaching is of the highest standard. We always encourage potential new students to come to Bales, meet subject teachers and meet our management staff.

Why join Bales

Mr Moore brought the Sixth Form to the current location in 1972. Down the years, we have learnt an incredible amount and keep the learnings in our management today. We have a blend of experienced teachers, managers, as well as younger teachers with a new, fresh approach.

We have an excellent track record of keeping outstanding staff. Many of our teachers and management have been with us for 5-10 years or more! We do not use supply teachers. This creates consistency in teaching style, management, and gives us full confidence that our teaching is of the highest standard.

We have a lovely, quiet, leafy campus which does not feel like you’re in zone 2 in London! And all our teachers and staff really care about each student – one of the main benefits of being a smaller school is virtually every staff member knows every student.

Together with our Principal, vice Principal Mr Yearsley and Head of Studies Mr Corcut, we have added 3 new managers – Ben, Jake and Joe Moore – who all come form unique backgrounds, namely Finance, Sport Management and Business ownership. This gives the leadership team a unique background.

New for September 2017 – we have a unique, custom-built learning management system being launched.

This will store all timetables, lesson data, coursework, homework assignments (and due dates) and attendance centrally on a locked website. Parents and students will have unique log in access to see their own timetables, download lessons, load homework for marking, etc. It will be an extremely useful tool in managing teaching, as well as giving parents full visibility at all times on their children’s learning progress.

In September 2017, we are also launching the use of the Durham University CEM system. This is a system used by many top educational establishments to monitor the progress of students. The system allows us to give an online test to every student, which shows their current academic performance, including areas of strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to set unique learning plans for every student, and monitor them as they progress. We are very excited to begin to use this.

Subject choices

Normally students take between eight and ten subjects over the two years of year 10 and year 11.

New students joining year 10 from another school will follow the same two year programme as students who are continuing from year 9 at Bales.

We aim to make the GCSEs as useful as possible for future education: both A Levels and on to university.

Therefore we normally insist that students take a core selection of mathematics, English, English Literature, and all three sciences in year 10 (and at least two sciences in year 11).

This combination allows a student to demonstrate an array of core skills and ensures they do not specialise too soon, keeping all doors open to them in future.

Teaching and academic

Every subject has a detailed yearly plan for Year 10 and Year 11. The summary plan is around 2-4 pages per subject per year, while the full detail is up to 60 pages per subject per year.

We also use our new Learning Management System to monitor all attendance, homework, assessments and allows students to access old lessons, and upload homework; as well as allowing parents to see the current status of their child’s work!

The Durham University CEM system also allows us to monitor student’s starting point and progress, and create a unique learning programme for every student.

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We understand that choosing the place to study for your A Levels is a huge decision. Websites are only words which try to represent what we do. To best understand Bales and what we can offer you, call or email us to book a visit to see us.

You can meet with some or all of your subject teachers, take a tour of the Campus, see schemes of work for each A Level, and ask us anything you want.