Admissions process

Enquiry / application process

You should start by submitting an online application or by telephoning the school office and making an appointment to visit the school and meet with the  the senior leadership and management group.

The first phone call is normally quite short and informal. We like to understand what your requirements are, and you can see if you think Bales is right for you.

Then we normally arrange a visit to the school for the pupil and parents/guardian.

We require all potential new students to bring past school reports to the first meeting. We are not highly academically selective, however we require evidence of good behaviour/attitude. We believe we can make a huge difference to any student no matter what level you start at. To do this, however, we require a strong desire to succeed, to work hard, and to contribute to life at Bales. We aim to maintain a friendly, positive atmosphere where academic success is pushed without wanting to be a “grade factory”.

While it is important to get good grades, there has to be a balance and the unrelenting pressure to achieve top grades at all costs is something we do not think is positive in the long term for students. There must be a mix of academic, social, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular learning in a broad education!

Once a place is offered, to accept your place you should:

– complete and return the application form which will be provided on your visit;

– provide us with copies of previous school reports and examination results to date.

– provide the enrolment deposit