Key Dates

Ongoing – Year 7 admissions for September 2024

12th-16th February – Half term

22nd March – End of Spring term

This week

Teachers will begin informing and preparing students about the February assessments. Students should be thinking ahead and revising alongside their homework tasks.

Year 8 trip with Mr Deller – details

This is part of a year 8 PSHE project working with Chelsea Football Club and their education & community department.

This has been an ongoing project which has seen a good deal of practical learning and discussion about topical issues on diversity and the community, something Mr Deller is passionate about. Students have responded well to the opportunity and enjoyed the chance to see a football stadium.


Over the past two weeks, the assemblies have focused on a) How the law affects us in society and b) The impact of the media in our daily lives.

There were good presentations by: Angela Liang, Daniel Ehsan, Cameron Haxton and Ikenna Ngoka from Years 12 & 13.

They were able to clarify some of the ways in which society today is increasingly affected by different aspects of the law and the many ways that the media intrudes into our lives.