Parent and pupil newsletter 7 Dec 2018

Year 7 badminton tournament Congratulations to the following students who won their courts in inter-house badminton. Elijah and Nathanile- Kiraku and Yanique Salem and Nashmin Aliyana and Chari Lulia and Chayma End of exam week! Exams have been running all week, and students will be pleased that today they came to an end! Results will be provided [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 30 Nov 2018

Sixth form dress code We have decided to change our dress code for sixth formers from 7th January when school returns after our Christmas break. There is strong research evidence to suggest a link between academic progress and dress. Students will be expected to dress in an appropriate way for an independent school. For boys this will mean [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 23 Nov 2018

Autumn term parents evening - 12th Dec We will be holding our parent’s evening on 12th December from 4.30-6.30pm. This is an opportunity for you to speak to individual teachers about your son or daughter’s progress in school so far. We will be sending out the results from our exam week shortly before the evening. Inevitably with so [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 16 Nov 2018

Exam week advice  All students will sit formal exams during the week of 3rd December. The timetable for the week is attached to the back of the newsletter and all students will have received a copy. We have spoken to students about the need for proper structured revision and their task over the weekend will be to write [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 9 Nov 2018

Rememberance day  This Sunday marks 100 years since the end of World War One. This was probably the biggest and worst armed conflict in recent history. It is estimated that over 16 million soldiers died, with the total number of both military and civilian casualties estimated at around 37 million. Many of the soldiers were very young, a [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 2 Nov 2018

Girls football tournament This week Year 7 girls took part in their first sports tournament as a team; the Westminster Schools Football Competition. The girls played five fiercely fought games at Paddington Recreation Ground, all the girls giving their best. The teams were captained by Nashmin and Cece who did a brilliant job of organising the girls on [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 19 Oct 2018

Basketball tournament Part of team Radcliffe at the basketball tournament This week has been the last week of our basketball sessions at Moberley Everyone Active Sports Centre, and we have been celebrating with a basketball tournament. All students were divided into four team houses; Cook, Radcliffe, Hoy and Redgrave and the tournament took place on Wednesday [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 12 Oct 2018

Key Dates 13th Oct Year 7 2019 Admissions day 15th - 19th Oct Assessment week 22nd - 26th Oct Half term 13th Oct Year 7 2019 Admission day 3rd—7th Dec Exam Week 12th Dec 4.30-6.30pm Parents Eve 14th Dec End of term celebration St John’s Church 7th Jan 2019 - spring term begins Sports competitions It [...]

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Parent and pupil newsletter 28 Sept 2018

Assessment week The week of the 15th October is our first assessment week of the year. Students from Year 7 through to Year 13 will have assessment’s during that week. These will take place during les-son times and for older students will be based around GCSE or A level exam questions. This will be our first opportunity to [...]

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