Handball competition

Students in years 7&8 completed their half term PE sessions by taking part in a handball tournament. Students competed in their teams of Cook, Radcliff, Hoy and Redgrave and each team was run by a sixth form team manager. We are particularly grateful to Sak, Yusuf, Diam, and Yahya from the sixth form who played an important role encouraging students and helping with tactics.

Handball is a new sport to years 7&8 and it was very pleasing to see how much progress they had made in six weeks of sessions and also to see how well they played as part of a team. Each match was played six minutes each way with a minute break at half time. With six matches played in all it was a tiring session for students!

Results for the competition were as follows:

Staff training Tuesday 26th Feb

School will finish at 3pm on Tuesday 26th February to allow staff training for important curriculum and assessment issues.

Normal finishing times will continue for the rest of the week.

Year 7 girls netball tournament

Year 7 girls took part in the inter-schools girls netball tournament on Monday 11th February. The tournament took place in the afternoon at Paddington Rec and was a fantastic experience for those involved.

Year 7 girls showed exceptional team spirit supporting and encouraging one another.

This girls drew two and lost one in a competitive group, almost stealing a win in the dying seconds of our last match. Zaf and Zara led from the front, contesting every ball, their experience evident. Equally, Chari and Cece impressed, jumping for everything in their first ever netball tournament.

Congratulations to the whole team of Zaf, Zara, Esther, Biemnet, Lulia, Chayma, Cece, Lara and Chari. I’m looking forward to watching the girls progress in our next fixture

Key Dates

18th—22nd Feb – Half term
8th—22nd April – Easter Holidays
8th—12th April – Holiday revision classes Yr 11 & Yr 13

23rd April 2019 – Summer Term begins 8.45am

27th-31st May – Half Term

29th June to 4th July – Spanish trip to Tossa Del Mar/Girona

5th July – term ends