Cycling to school

It’s really great that we have a number of students who cycle to school and many of you will know that Mr (Ben) Moore and I cycle or run to school. This is a great way to keep fit and helps a little bit to reduce congestion on London’s roads. It is important to stay safe when cycling and there are some simple rules which will help students to do this;

  • Don’t cycle on the pavements— they are for pedestrians who can be hurt if hit by a cycle.
  • Always look around before riding in traffic. Cars will usually give cyclists plenty of room but students should make sure they can be seen.
  • Never ride through red traffic lights, cars don’t expect cyclists to do this and drivers will quite rightly be very angry. There is serious risk of being hit by a car.
  • Always use hand signals when turning at a junction.
  • Always wear a helmet—they protect students in an accident and when it’s dark cycles should always have lights.

Westminster cross-country race

This week Bales College participated in our first sporting competition of the year. On Thursday 4th October, 12 students from Years 7 and 8 ran in the Westminster Schools Cross Country Championships. The 3K race took place in Regent’s Park with 12 runners supported by their excited peers.

The teams consisted of:

Girls: Lina (8), Lulia (7a), Ce-ce (7a), Ester (7@), Zaphira (7@) and Chari (7@).

Boys: Elijah (8), Jacob (7a), Rashed (7a), Romario ( 7a), Roland (7@) and Nathanile (7@).

Congratulations to all runners in what was a tough field. Special mention, however, must go to Elijah. Elijah ran an absolute stormer, finishing 3rd in a field of 50 year 7-9 boys. As a result, Elijah goes through to represent Westminster in the London Schools Cross Country Championships on the 17th November.

Contact details

If your mobile number, email or home address changes, please let us know so we can update our records

Book club

Our book club has been running every Monday for a few weeks, it gives year 7 & 8 students the opportunity to share their love of reading and to relax, whilst building a sense of belonging, stimulating their imagination and developing critical thinking. We promote initiative self discipline and the book club is an opportunity for students to learn more about responsibilities because each week students take responsibility to tidy up and ensure the room is left for the next class. The term we are reading “Wonder” by R.J.Palacio. This is a great novel which tackles difficult subjects with humour and intelligence.

Year 7 2019 admissions day – Sat 13th October, 2018

We will be holding the first of our Admission days for our 2019 intake on 13th October 9.30—12.00. Prospective students will sit our admission test and we will also run a short presentation and Q&A session for parents.

To register, please phone the school office on 020 8960 5899,or email Mr Ben Moore at 

Key Dates

13th Oct Year 7 2019 Admissions day

15th – 19th Oct Assessment week

22nd – 26th Oct Half term

13th Oct Year 7 2019 Admission day

3rd—7th Dec Exam Week

12th Dec 4.30-6.30pm Parents Eve

14th Dec End of term celebration St John’s Church

7th Jan 2019 – spring term begins