GCSE entry requirements

GCSE Courses in London – Entry Requirements

For students joining Years 10 or 11 for the 2 year or 1 year GCSE courses, the entry requirements are as follows:

  • Students must have completed the previous year at another school in the UK (or studied equivalent level courses at an overseas school);GCSE Lesson

Student must provide:

  • evidence of good academic performance at the previous school (from school reports). We are not academically selective, although we require that the student has performed well in areas of his/her study;
  • evidence of good behaviour and attitude towards study at the previous school (from school reports); and
  • evidence of a desire to improve, learn and work hard (generally demonstrated through interview at Bales College).

Generally a place is offered based on an interview at Bales College where we determine whether the student would be suitable to study here.

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