Entry Standards

Lower school and middle school (years 7-11)

We are not highly academically selective, however we insist on good behaviour and a desire to learn amongst other things. Expulsion due to behaviour from another school will normally invalidate any application to Bales.

For year 7 entrance, we hold a short admissions test and may require this at other age groups depending on the individual academic record of the student.

Independent Sixth Form

For the Sixth Form, our normal entry requirement is a minimum of 5 grades at GCSE of A-C. For the subjects you wish to study at A Level, it is better to have achieved a B grade or higher at GCSE, although if you are prepared to do extra work to catch up then even a grade C at GCSE is OK.

We require good behaviour and an interest in learning from all students. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated. We are proud of our academic and social environment and we work hard to protect it.

School reports for the last 1-2 years should be brought along to the first interview and/or included with the application form.
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