We have a broad range of fantastic teachers.

Some have been teaching for 10-20 years and bring this deep experience to all students. Some are more newly-qualified bringing incredible enthusiasm and new approaches. All have a passion for teaching and wanting to see students grow academically, socially and culturally.

Position(s)NameUniversity and qualification(s)
PrincipalMr W MooreBSc Melbourne
Assistant PrincipalMr M YearsleyBSc Leeds; PGCE
Child Protection Officer; Geography
Director of Studies; EnglishMr J CorcutBA Durham; MA London; PGCE
Science and maths faculty
PhysicsMr R TylerBSc; PGCE
ChemistryMr N SearleBSc Aston; PGCE
BiologyMrs P RoseBSc Hons London; Dip Ed
KS3 ScienceMr F MajugicBSc London
MathsMr M MarashiBSc Hons KCL; MSc Sheffield
MathsMr R Shabani-AzadBSc Hons
Humanities and Languages faculty
History, KS3 EnglishDr J WatkinsBA: MA: PHd Cornell (USA)
FrenchMrs A Archer-UrbainBA Grenoble; MA (Ed) Lyon
EALMs A SabatBA Poole
Business and social sciences faculty
EconomicsMr S Da CostaBA Hons Kent
Law and businessMrs S TejiBSc LLB PCL
and deputy Child Protection Officer
Computing & ICTMrs M VasanthakumaranMSc UNL; PGCE
Sociology & PhilosophyMrs M SkoutaridouBA Hons Thessaloniki; MA London
PsychologyMr W ThorneBA Hons Warwick; MSc Brunel; PGCE
Non-teaching positions
School businessMs A SabatBA Poole
School adminstratorMrs P SachdevaHND Greenwich
Chef/buildings supervisorMr A De BarrosFood Hygiene
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