Previous School Reports

For students joining at all age groups, we must receive copies of previous school reports. These should be brought alone to the first meeting at the school and/or provided along with the application form.

We are not highly academically selective, however we insist on good behaviour and a desire to learn amongst other things. Expulsion due to behaviour from another school will normally invalidate any application to Bales.

bales london IGCSE economics exam
For year 7 entrance, we hold a short admissions test and may require this at other age groups depending on the individual academic record of the student.
If you are interested in Bales School, please do telephone us as soon as possible and arrange The first phone call is informal and relatively short, but is an important first step.
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Our office is open during the working week 8.30am – 5pm for enquiries. We look forward to speaking with you.
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