School news March 2017

Students in a class taking an exam

School news March 2017

March 3rd: Sixth Form social paintballing

A potentially painful way to have fun! Sixth formers thought they were brave and resourceful until they were hit by a pinging hard paintball; there were some who called for mercy while others sought down their quarry. A fun and bonding day out in sunny Croydon.

March 14th: Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) Institut Francais visit

Key stage three members got the chance to practise their French amongst some real live French people in a real bit of France in the middle of South Kensington. There was language practice and some fun activities to stimulate a greater awareness of French language and culture.

Founded in 1910, the Institut français du Royaume-Uni comprises a language centre, a cinema (Ciné Lumière), a multi-media library (La Médiathèque), a children’s library (Bibliothèque Quentin Blake) and a café-restaurant, and welcomes 200,000 people each year.

At the heart of the Institut français’ mission is the teaching of the French language.



March 20th: Key Stage 3 visit to St John’s Wood New London Synagogue

As part of the humanities course, key stage 3 students were introduced to the beliefs and practices of modern Judaism in this visit. There was a very personable talk from the rabbi and a tour of the main features of the building, concluding with a glass of sweet grape juice and a traditional Jewish blessing.

March 28th: End of term social trip to Thorpe Park for Key Stage 3 Years 7-9

End of term fun, a day out on the rides at Thorpe Park where students could let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

March 28th: Business Studies revision day

A busy day of preparation for the serious matter of exams in May/June. The speakers made it entertaining as well as informative, which was important given the large attendance.

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