School news January 2017

School news January 2017

A new year, and new school term: Lots of activities happening in January! Here are some of them.

January 17th: year 10 to 13 visit to Houses of Parliament

Older students came to learn how laws are debated and enacted in a mostly serious – but sometimes knockabout – atmosphere. Watching politicians from the gallery is mesmerising and they suddenly realised just what a small chamber the House of Commons is.


January 20th: Year 11 Geography urban development trip

Urban studies for geography coursework took Year 11 to Mayfair to study some of the changes we make to our planet. Focus on central urban building, planning and development.

January 22nd: Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) trip to Hindu Temple, Neasden

Key stage 3 humanities visit to broaden the knowledge and awareness of the world’s main religions: in this trip, Hinduism.

January 24th: Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) trip to Houses of Parliament

In one students words: “After the tour we headed to a workshop where we discussed the laws in England and other countries. We learned that it’s against the law to spit in public in Singapore. In the workshop we were divided into two political groups and we did some activities like voting and making laws for which we got points for our team. This trip was very interesting because we got to find out how the government works and how laws are made. This also gave us an insight into what it is like to work in the Parliament and how difficult it is.”

Follow-up lesson after KS3 houses of Parliament trip

January 24th: Year 10 Geography visit to Box Hill

“A magnificent, frosty but sunny winter’s morning brought the steam out of our mouths and noses as we made our way over the ten stages of the Stepping Stones walk on Box Hill. Part of our geographical studies, but also a wonderful way to make us aware of the beauties of nature.” (A year 10 student’s quote)

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