Sixth Form Teaching

At Bales College we believe that learning is a partnership between the student and the teacher and that being involved in learning is the key to success. Students should expect to be fully engaged in this process. Lessons should start with clear aims, which are reviewed at the end; we aim to include as many practical based activities as possible and to maintain an atmosphere in which students feel their views are respected.


Discussion is an important part of the learning process as is individual research and students should expect to take responsibility for their own learning. Group and pairs work are used to develop spoken skills, while students also have the opportunity to see a wide range of visual material and to write their own responses.


Regular practice of examination questions will help students understand both the expectations of examiners and learn the skills to answer questions; our supportive atmosphere helps students learn quickly.


We aim to help students develop opinions and to make judgments. Students learn that there is often no right or wrong answer to either global or local problems but the ability to justify and articulate their opinion is where learning happens. Assessments against targets are held four times a year, in October, November, April and June

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